Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Carole has six acres of land high in the North Carolina mountains not far from the southwestern VA/NC border. We like it up there. The land sits at close to 4,000 feet above sea level, which is pretty high for this state. We feel lucky to have such a piece of property.

For years we have thought about building a cabin there. Now we're looking more closely into the prospect. If it happens, it won't be a big place. We can't afford such. But we have constantly been on the lookout for the right design and the right floor plan. This weekend I think Carole saw the perfect house for us to build. She was up in Maggie Valley with one of her friends from work and she took some photos of a cabin there.

I agree with Carole's assessment. I think it's perfect and it should be within our budget.

Here are some pictures that she took:

The outside of the little cabin.

Looking up the small staircase to the upstairs loft bedroom.

Downstairs kitchen/dining/den. There was also a bathroom and a bedroom downstairs that Carole couldn't get photos of because the maintenance folk were cleaning them and she didn't want to disturb the maids.


dogboy443 said...

Perfect little getaway place...or a nice Bachelor pad for Andy.

HemlockMan said...

I'm sure Andy would like it.

All we need is a nice, quiet place where we can go and enjoy the woods. The acreage is very isolated high on a mountain deep in a classic southern Appalachian hardwood forest. I could do a lot of writing up there.

Jack said...

Nice looking little cabin! Will there be room for visitors!

HemlockMan said...

What good is a cabin if you can't have guests??!!

dogboy443 said...

Just let me know when it's built..and I'll be there.

HemlockMan said...

Absolutely! All of my friends will be welcome.