Monday, November 22, 2010

Hometown Jinx

For some reason I have never been able to generate any exposure for my writing here in town. I've tried getting the local press to cover my various releases, but nothing doing. Today (November 21) I held my first hometown signing for the release of the trade paperback version of THE FLOCK. The store (Park Road Books) was a nice enough shop, and they were kind to give me space and promote the appearance. But for the first time ever for one of my signings, I didn't sell a single book. Not one. Oh, well. It was bound to happen.

So it goes.

Looking forward now to some signing events out of town. We're planning Atlanta, Asheville, Boston, etc. Better luck points north, west, south and east than here in Charlotte.

Signing event.


Justin M... said...

Sorry to hear that your Charlotte-area signing wasn't more profitable. Still it was nice to meet you and get a chance to talk about paleofiction and Lovecraft.

To be honest I was a little confused why the decision was made to do the Charlotte area signing at Park Road Books rather than one of the several local Barnes & Nobles or Borders. I am an avid reader who lives in the Charlotte area but never go to Park Road Books because I think they have a pitiful selection. When I first heard that you would be doing a signing there it actually took me a while to realize that I even knew where that book store was, as it rates so low on my shopping radar!

I hope you get a chance to do another Charlotte area signing at a bigger book store with more fan fare as The Flock truly is a great sci-fi novel and as a local author you deserve the support.

Jack said...

Well that sucks! But at least you didn't have to travel very far!

billdcat said...

I've always been told that a person
is never honored in their hometown.
Until they are dead and gone.

HemlockMan said...

Justin: Thanks! Nice to meet you, too!

I set this particular signing up myself, and not my publicist at Tor Books. My mistake. I figured Park Road Books would have a local reader's club in attendance. My bad.

I'll do another signing in Charlotte, but next time I'll let Tor-Forge handle the particulars.

dogboy443 said...

Guess they just don't know talent when it delivers their mail.

HemlockMan said...

Jack: I drove about seven miles. Not too bad.

Mark: I've tried using that angle for local press but they haven't gone for it. No respect for labor.