Thursday, November 04, 2010


Since I'm a pretty heavy reader I sometimes like to buy used books at the local library branch where they sell them really cheap. Basically, they almost give them away. Paperbacks are a quarter, hardbacks fifty cents. I only buy used books from authors who have croaked or if the book is out of print.

Since I'd never read any Truman Capote material except for a single short story some years ago, I grabbed up an old paperback edition of BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S. At an original cover price of sixty cents, I think it's a mid-60s edition, but I can't be sure. Might be as late as early 70s.

When I opened it to start reading it, a bit of airline ticket fell out. It looked to have been used as a bookmark. It was for a flight from Atlanta to New York City/Laguardia Airport. Issued to someone named "Dailey/Jeffery". How long had that ticket stub been in the book? Did he buy this book to read on the flight? Where is he now? What was he doing in New York City? Or had he lived in New York and was returning from a visit to Atlanta?

I'm sure I'll file it all away and, perhaps, use it as fiction some day.

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