Monday, August 23, 2010

The Grand Tetons

Well, we're finally home. What a long trip back!

One of my hopes in life was to see the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone ecosystem. It was amazing to see all of those large animals roaming free with no restrictions and no fences or physical boundaries. It was as close as I guess I'll ever come to witnessing our ancient Pleistocene megafauna.

In the days to come I'll post details of my impressions. For now I'm exhausted and have to get back to work on the latest novel.

The Grand Tetons from Jenny Lake.

Click on this photo.

On the way back home the jet we were using stopped in Dallas. Everyone but Carole and I disembarked. Thus I got the chance to take a shot of the aisles with absolutely no one (but Carole) sitting in them. It was a rare chance, so I snapped a few shots.


dogboy443 said...

Hey Bob,
I just checked out the web-site re-vamp and I wanted to offer to you some of our Flock and Living Dead art for your title banner. And what the heck is The Rez?

HemlockMan said...

OK! I'll forward the stuff to Garrett who's doing the site!

THE REZ is a project that I'm setting up likely as my next novel. It's a horror/fantasy project with much sequel potential.