Saturday, August 07, 2010


My pal, Bill, sent me the following joke by way of another pal, Stu, by way of an old 1974 issue of the late, lamented National Lampoon Magazine:

Sir Winston Churchill was a fountain of wit recognized the world over. His penetrating insights, humorous bon mots and lightning fast rejoinders have filled anthologies, entertained and instructed millions and gone down in history.

A few of the more famous examples:

1. Winston Churchill was getting a bit tipsy at a hoity-toity social dinner when the aging hostess, Lady Everleigh-Whitcomb, said, "Winston, you're drunk!" To which Churchill replied, "Suck my dick."

2. At a similar function, the aging hostess remarked, "Winston, you're using your salad fork for the entrée!." To which the venerable statesman replied, "Cram it up your ass, you miserable old cunt."

3. Then there was the time at the Potsdam Conference when President Truman
barged into Churchill's room demanding to see him immediately. WC's valet protested that the Prime Minister was in the bath. "I don't care," Truman roared, "get him out here!" So Churchill burst into the room, dripping wet and stark
naked, and intoned, "What are you staring at, homo?"

"Yo momma an' yo wife!"

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