Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Day of the Big Hike

It was time to get up so that we could get an early start for the big hike to the summit of Avalanche Peak. I wanted to wake up early, get dressed, and drive to the trail head to get in a full day of walking!

Come on Andy! Get up! Wakey wakey! Rise and shine!!

Cram it, old man!

Later that day, in Lamar Valley...

Hey! You didn't take a picture of me while I was scratching my ass, did you??!!

I would never do that! And even if I did, I wouldn't post that photo of William Andrew Smith of Charlotte North Carolina on the world wide web for everyone to see, including your pals and your girlfriend.


Jack said...

That was just mean! Did Andy make it all the way to Avalanche Peak?

HemlockMan said...

Nope. I had to hike it alone. About halfway up I was joined by another hiker--a guy named Russell Snider from Colorado. Andy had cut his foot the day before and didn't do the hike. So he explored around the parking area/picnic grounds while I hiked. In fact, he ended up seeing pika and I never did see one!