Monday, August 02, 2010

Charlotte Comic Con

I went to the Charlotte Comic Con today as a guest, as I do whenever it's held on a Sunday and I'm in town. As always, this was a great show and I had a blast. The only drawback is that I continue to be exhausted from my job and the continuing stress to finish THE CLAN. When I got home I ate supper with Carole and then fell asleep for five hours.

I met fellow horror novelist Scott Nicholson and his wife Lexie. The experience was a pleasure--very sweet people, for sure.

NC novelist/journalist Scott Nicholson and his wife, Lexie Danner.

Convention cutie promoting a book. What was the book? I don't know, I was distracted.

Lots of people in costume today. Another attractive conventioneer.

This dude had the best Star Wars costume I saw all day. (There were a number.)

This trio came in just as I was getting ready to head out for home. Great costumes!

It was really crowded at the show. Rick and Dave always put on a good convention.


Fred Dodsworth said...

Seems those Comic Con cuties are good for your health.

HemlockMan said...

If it were true, I'd live forever.