Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wolf Creek

Here are some more of the photos of the wayside park we stumbled upon in southwestern Virginia. It's a Jefferson National Forest site called Wolf Creek. Apparently there's a nearby and important Native American historical site, but we didn't have time to find it.

After stopping to look around, we liked the spot so much that we decided to have a cookout there rather than at one of the larger parks which had been our original mealtime destination. So we hauled out the charcoal and the food and picked out a really nice picnic table and grill standing above the river.

The sign that caught our attention as we were driving along.

As always, I look around for bits of small beauty growing among the shrubs or beneath the trees.

Some type of little yellow flower.

There was an extremely nice picnic shelter that needed to be raked out. But otherwise in quite good shape.

The picnic table we picked out was between two small waterfalls and above the river, which was quite full, unlike the drought-ravaged streams of the past two years.

This was the river below our picnic table.

The oldies fire up the charcoal and get ready to grill bratwurst. With sauerkraut! Yum!

Alas. The hemlock trees at the little park are already all dead. So it goes.

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