Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mitt Romney, Racist Sack of Shit

Mitt Romney is an evil, racist sack of shit.

How evil and how racist?

When he decided to begin pandering to the RepubliKKKan base (aka racist dogs), to try to prevent Massachusetts from becoming the first state to approve same-sex marriages, what did he do?

He and his fellow racist dog minions pored through the state laws to find something, anything that would help them put a stop to such marriages.

What did they find?

They found a 1913 statute that prevented the state of Massachusetts from recognizing marriages that would be illegal in other states. It sounds fairly straightforward and basically innocent and logical. Unless you think about it.

First of all, look at the year in which it was approved. In those days, the Jim Crow laws of the southern USA were in full bloom and African Americans were placed in the position of having to endure life without human rights. This law, upon only brief reflection, is obviously one that was passed to prevent interracial marriages. It was a purely hateful law passed by a bunch of fucking asshole racists. Yeah, they have racists up North, too. As I like to point out, Yusuf Hawkins wasn't lynched in Alabama, and Howard Beach ain't in Georgia.

Secondly the law was also passed in a hideous and negative reaction to the marriage of the first black heavyweight champion of the world (Jack Johnson) to a white woman:

"The 1913 law grew out of the national backlash over the interracial marriage of heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson, Rushing said during the debate. At the time, 30 of 48 states banned interracial marriage, and many other states, including Massachusetts, enacted provisions that would keep interracial couples from crossing borders to marry in their jurisdiction. In 1970, when states were urged to repeal the 1913 law (so-called because that was the year it was enacted), legislators in Massachusetts, said Rushing, must not have realized the law was on the books."

So here we have Mitt Romney the cultist hate-monger stooping to using a racist law to stop the harmless union of two human beings. I can only hope that this is pointed out again and again and again and again if this piece of human excrement continues to try to run for the highest office in the land. He and his racist wacko beliefs need to stay within the confines of the insane asylum formed by his ancestral cultist shitbags.

Romney: Sexist, racist asswipe.

Romney's use of a 1913-era pro-racism law proves that he's unfit for not only national office, but any office at all. Maybe they can kiss his ass in Utah. He needs to stay there.


dogboy443 said...

And that is why I didn't vote for him or his Lt. Governor Healey. Thankfully he didn't have a chance running for President and I hope he leaves Massachusetts, moves back to his Summer home in N.H. and we never hear from him politically again.

HemlockMan said...

That would be a nice ending to a hideous political career for the cultist.