Monday, May 04, 2009

Visit Vermont!

A couple of days ago my wife told me that a couple of our
acquaintances were boycotting the state of Vermont.

"Why are they doing that?" I asked.

Vermont has approved same-sex marriages."


I swear I will never understand the mentality of right-wing assholes. I will admit that, when I was much younger, I was as much a homophobe as the next straight. In those days I was an ignorant bastard. But, no more. Some of my good friends turned out to be gay. Many of the people whose careers and works I'd always admired were gay. These days, like many others, I don't give the first molecular speck of a rat's ass if someone is gay, or not.

It doesn't fucking matter.

It all boils down to hate-mongering and scapegoating. Who's the current mark to be the target of scapegoating? You can't do it to Jews, because they aren't going to play that game anymore. Not after the last one you filthy right wing bastards instigated. You can't do it to black people, because they aren't going to stand for it anymore, either. Not since Dr. King and Malcolm X and a host of other brave men and women gave their lives in defense of their human rights.

So where is the right looking, now?

Oh, they never stop looking. The corporate power are always searching for a victim to use on the ignorant foils who prop them up. They need some group to focus the anger of their asswipe plurality. Their RepubliKKKan running dogs have to have someone to hate. They must have some single targe
t on which to focus their own white-hot loathing that should be aimed at their puppet masters.

Arabs? Too far away.

Mexicans? Well, maybe. They've tagged them with "illegal alien", conveniently forgetting that we stole half the land mass of Mexico and it really belongs to them. (Basically, what they're actually doing is just coming home.) That group might work for the RepubliKKKans, but I sincerely hope not.

Then what are they left with? What group is large enough, but politically powerless enough to target for scapegoating?

The gays.

So the reactionary right go after the homos
exuals. The completely harmless. The easily targeted. I mean, everyone seems to hate them. They're the subject of jokes, easily formed into caricatures, and basically peaceful. Sound familiar? It should, to all of us who are packed to the gills with hatred. It looks like Kristallnacht and Jim Crow all over again.

To fucking HELL with the right. You RepubliKKKan assholes can all (in the words of Dick the-prick Cheney) go fuck yourselve
s. Strangely, many of you seem to be self-hating closeted homosexuals, which adds another layer of mystery and loathing to your whole hate-mongering operation. You Mormon monsters can curl up in your withered kingdom of pernicious hatred and die the death of extinction while you scapegoat your way to oblivion.

Vermont. It's an amazingly beautiful place. Apparently in far more ways than in mere geographical and geological and biological. There's something, obviously, deeper going on in that singular state.

Many of us--a growing and soon to be majority of us--call it justice.

Comic book writer Len Wein (creator of the "new" X-Men) lost his home (and his collection of comics that he's written) in a fire. Everything was a total loss. He's trying to rebuild the comic collection, and there's a movement afoot to donate copies to the gent what wrote 'em. If you think you can help, you can see an updated list HERE. It's not tax deductible or anything, but despite having created much of what we now see on the big screen in the form of the X-MEN and WOLVERINE movies, Mr. Wein and his wife ain't rich. So he needs help regaining a set of the comics he wrote. Help out, if you can. Especially if the things Mr. Wein wrote entertained you when you were a kid (as they did for me).

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