Saturday, April 18, 2009

Manatee Springs, Day One

Just a few photos from the first day of our Spring vacation.

Normally, we wait unitl later in April or early May before we take our first long vacation of the year. But for various scheduling reasons, we settled on earlier for 2009. As soon as I'd gotten off work, we loaded the truck, attached the trailer, and headed south to get an early start. I finally ran out of steam around Hilton Head and we pulled into a SC rest area and parked the rig to spend a few hours sleeping. We got up about daybreak and continued our trip to Manatee Springs, arriving there at around noon.

Carole and I get the trailer set up and the campsite ready.

We headed down to the spring to take a look. The weather was really much cooler than we'd anticipated, but the water there is a constant 72 degrees so we decided to jump in and have a swim.

Carole took this one of my standing at the edge of the limestone shelf above the spring vent. It was pretty deep there. Not sure how deep, though.

The raccoon who was checking out our campsite for a possible raid. Fortunately, the raccoons at Manatee Springs are not as bold as the ones we've encountered in other parks.

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