Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fort Clinch, Part Two

Some panoramas and details of Fort Clinch:

Stitched panorama of part of the interior of the fort. It's a pretty expansive place.

For some reason I took almost no photos of the ocean and sound views from the fort. I guess I was sick of the ocean. But you can look out into the sound from the walls of the fort, and one can easily see Cumberland Island, which is not far from where I was born. (Not a very effective stitch, but the best I could do.)

Once again I am reminded of the engineering it took to create these earthworks and buildings. Most impressive.

Guns aimed out to sea.

Detail of the system of wheels that allowed the guns to be aimed.

Covered area outside one of the buildings. This was actually a mess area, with dining facilities inside and outside.

This lock was on one of the doors in the hospital section of the fort.

Chains and such on the floor of the brig.

Some of the tools located in the storerooms. Yeah, that's a casket on the floor, for shipping bodies of the dead to various parts of the country once the corpse was embalmed.

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