Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wild Water

It's winter, and strangely enough, my thoughts are of cooling off in a clear mountain stream.

My Appalachian stomping grounds are full of spring-fed creeks and streams. The water, clean, pure and cold are the ultimate place for a dip. In the heat of summer, after hours of hiking or backpacking, there is no better feeling than to wash the grime of exertion from one's body by a swim in such a crystalline pool.

I've encountered hundreds of such places in my many hikes. I'll encounter hundreds more.

Jacob Fork, South Mountains State Park, North Carolina

Plunge Pool at base of falls, Hanging Rock State Park, North Carolina
Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

Holly River, Holly River State Park, West Virginia

Pool. Kumbrabow State Park, West Virginia

Middle Fork River, Audra State Park, West Virginia

Hemingway breaks stupid embargo.

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