Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

Well, we had snow today. Not a lot. Just a few inches. This is becoming more and more rare here in the South as the years pass. If you look at old records, it used to snow often in the Charlotte area. Now, we get a measurable snowfall about once every two or three years.

Today's snow was pretty, while it lasted. But it didn't hang around long. It started falling around midnight and by noon it had stopped. By late this afternoon most of it had melted off.

This was my first day back to carrying mail after over a week of suffering with pneumonia. In typical USPS fashion, I was forced to work overtime. So much for managerial compassion. That's the thing about the USPS--they will not hesitate to work you to death. There are plenty more humans where you came from.

I'm pretty tired and shagged out. Still short of breath. I reckon it'll take a while before my lungs are back to normal.
In front the house around 6:00 am today.

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