Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Truck

Well, here she is. Our new truck ended up being a Nissan Frontier, four-wheel drive, king cab, short bed, cruise control, blah blah blah. We'd thought about other trucks and we did weeks of shopping before we landed this one.

It had almost all of the features we wanted in a tow vehicle for our travel trailer. It has lots more power than our old truck, and lots more room in the cab. Because we do so much camping in National Forests which are located in very isolated places, we've often had the necessity of four-wheel drive. Our old truck had it, and it saved our butts on a number of occasions. There was no way we could get a new truck without it, so that was very high on our list.

So far, we're very happy with the truck. It's quite nice and I'm looking forward to hooking up the trailer to it and taking it on a long trip.

Republicans suck!


dogboy443 said...

Why do I hear the theme songs for the Jeffersons and Sanford & SOn start to play in my head when I see that nice new truck?


HemlockMan said...

I can hope.

Been waiting for the big message that production has begun.

dogboy443 said...

You have any casting or production news???

The DPS Kid said...

Bad weekend for tv lovers Bob. Pat Hingle(Commissioner Gordon - BATMAN) Don Galloway(Det Sgt Mark Brown - IRONSIDE), Harry Endo(Che Fong - HAWAII FIVE-O), and Mouseketeer Cheryl Holdridge. Cheryl was also Wally Cleaver's girlfriend Julie Foster from 1961-1963 on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. She was in about eight episodes.

Hope you are feeling better but, take your time coming back. USPS will survive. Some of the retailers at Southpark called in today complaining you were not there. You must take wonderful care of them. Right?

Did you want to buy Girl Scout Cookies? It's that time. I think Andy said he liked them when we all watched that stupid Will Smith movie I Am Legend. YES, he did say that come to think of it. I believe you like them also. Everybody likes them. See me.

See you soon,


HemlockMan said...

We'll talk Girl Scout cookies when I return. Might be a few days. I'm really sick. Fever and bronchitis, at least, maybe pneumonia.

HemlockMan said...

No, Mark. No big news, yet on casting, production, etc.

Haven't heard much from the producer lately. He's busy promoting a new movie that just came out.