Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gu Gu

Don't mess with Gu Gu.

He tried to eat his third human! I love reading the stories about the idiots who keep getting themselves into Gu Gu's habitat. Just goes to show you that people are morons wherever you go. Even the citizens of the Earth's rising superpower are brain dead asswipes.

It amazes me that people assume that they can get close to a territorial carnivore. What the hell are they thinking? Pandas may have changed their diet relatively recently (in the evolutionary scheme of species) into eating mainly bamboo. But they're still carnivores! Those teeth and those claws evolved for things other than cuddling mentally retarded Chinese.

It's actually too bad Gu Gu didn't kill any of those idiots.

UnClean coal.

Arrest Bush 2009!

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