Monday, September 01, 2008

Out of Thousands


Marks does a backflip into the South Toe River

My camspite at Black Mountain Recreation Area, circa June, 2007.

Carole and I have decided where we're going to take a brief vacation in September. We looked over a large list of places where we'd like to take our travel trailer, and settled on the Black Mountain Recreation Area in the Pisgah National Forest. I went there once before with my nephew (Mark) and his son (Harris) and my son (Andy). The campground is quite beautiful and sits beside the South Toe River and has some great swimming holes. In addition, the campground is relatively remote, very quiet, and has the kinds of bathhouses Carole likes (flush toilets and hot showers). Even though we have bath/shower in our trailer, Carole prefers to use such facilities in a campground if they're provided. It does make it easier to keep the trailer in order, I have to admit.

I like this campground for a number of reasons. For one, it's isolated and I don't have to deal with too many humans. Second, there are a number of trails leading right out of the campground with routes leading up to the highest mountains in the eastern USA. I'll be quite happy there, as I always am in such a spot.

Falls on White Oak Creek

The wildlife viewing is supposed to be top-notch at the campground, and I've encountered both deer and bear on the Crest Trail high above the campground. I'm hoping we get to see some unusual critters on the trip, when it comes in a few weeks. The only thing we have to do is wait about three weeks after Carole's surgery before we head out. After that, her doctor has given her permission to go trailer camping, as long as she doesn't overdo it.

Hypocrite slut


The DPS Kid said...


I found out why the movie was named "Sorcerer". If you recall two trucks were refurbished to haul nitro across the Central American jungle. Each was given a name that was painted on the door above the running boards on each side.

The truck which Serrano and Dominguez used was the Sorcerer and exploded when a tire blows out causing the bank to collapse under the wheel plummeting them to their demise. Strangely there is no reference to the truck name Roy Scheider drives. Great movie dude.

HemlockMan said...

Ah HA!

That was a great film. I may write about it here. Why not?