Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mountain Trails

Compared to the average person, I spend an awful lot of time hiking on mountain trails. Most people I know never go hiking at all. But I love hiking and backpacking. As the years have passed, I do less overnight backpacks and more and more day hiking. But no matter whether it's a long backpacking trip that takes several days, or just a day hike over a mountain ridge, I get a kick out of seeing new trails, exploring new waterfalls, and conquering peaks I've never seen.

The South is unique, though. There's something about hiking in southern high country. The place is so lush that it's almost without equal as far as the range of flora is concerned. We have literally hundreds of species of trees down here. It's no wonder that places like the Great Smoky Mountains and the related ranges are considered precious biosphere preserves. You don't run into temperate rain forests very often. We have some of those here.

This is one reason why I never get bored when I'm in the southern mountains. You can never tell what kind of forest you're going to enter and what types of trees and micro-environments you're going to encounter.

The trail to a peak called Pickens Nose. Through a classic rhododendron tunnel.

Breaking out to see Mooney Falls near Standing Indian Mountain.

Along the Black Mountain Crest Trail, North Carolina.

Another shot on the Black Mountain Crest Trail. More about this trail tomorrow.


The DPS Kid said...


Enjoy this multitude, plethora even of exciting, finely captured photography from the aftermath of Hurricane Ike on Galveston Island, TX.

Perhaps some of these pictures you've already seen but with so many to view on this particular web page I considered perhaps, there are at least some of which you were unaware. I am hopeful this is so and anxiously await your response.

I did notice in your latest post a particular passage referring to seldom being bored during a hike in the southern mountains. I would suggest for the rare moments this does occur packing a copy of the latest Hustler in one of the backpacks "secret compartments" in averting such boredom. I guess one could say you were taking matters into hand...HA HA HA.

Ahhh the benefit of solo hiking.

Also, the grievance money arrived this paycheck and a tidy sum for doing nothing it was AND remains. I'm buying an extra cheeseburger at the Catholic game tomorrow night.

Remember always.... SALAMI, SALAMI, BOLOGNA


#8's favorite(only?) son

Stuart Gardner said...

The photo of the rhododendron tunnel is beautiful!

The DPS Kid said...


I was so busy being an idiot in the previous post I forgot to leave the link behind(right?)

Please tell everyone.

This now confirms TWO morons residing in the US.


The Village Idiot

HemlockMan said...

Lee: The amazing thing is...that was just a Category 2!!!

Stu: I love hiking through those rhododendron tunnels. A feature of southern Appalachian hiking trails.