Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Family Member

This is Lilly, our newest family member.

The best animal companion we ever had was a cat named Cinnamon. She lived with us for twenty years--pretty much from the time my wife and I were married until Cinnamon died of old age two full decades later. Cinnamon was a very affectionate and extremely intelligent cat, and we always wanted to have another Siamese cat if we could afford one.

Six months ago we met a woman who sold Siamese kittens from time to time, so we put in our "order" for a female kitten. Yesterday we picked up Lilly, a six-week old Siamese. So far, she's been a lot of fun!


dogboy443 said...

I'll send along some cat toys with the books and artwork so Lil Lilly can have some serious play-time.

HemlockMan said...

She would like that!