Saturday, March 22, 2008


I missed hiking with friends today. Because I wasn’t paying attention to something as simple as a freaking two-line email!

I was to have met friends to ride to Linville Gorge to hike down to a place called Daffodil Flats. Just glancing at the email, I assumed I was to have met Andy at the same place as our last hike so that we could carpool to the trailhead. Last time we met at 7:00 am. I didn’t pay attention and, sitting there for 30 minutes without a cell phone, I assumed something had happened and he couldn’t make it. So I drove back home.

Where I discovered, paying attention this time to the email that we were to have met at 7:45.

Depression rests with me today.


dogboy443 said...

And a big D'Oh goes out to the Mail Man.

HemlockMan said...

I was truly depressed. I've only done one hike into Linville Gorge and it was a brief one. I was really looking forward to that hike!