Saturday, January 12, 2008


I've hiked the Boogerman Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park more than I've hiked any other trail there. I've hiked it in every season of the year. It's a great trail for me because it travels through one of the greatest old growth forests in the park. Here are a few photos I've taken from the same spots in both summer and winter.

Everyone has to walk inside this tree (right on the trail) and have their photo taken in the hollow area. (Talk about your Mother Nature!)

This rock wall is one of many built and maintained by the former owner of the land, and the namesake of the trail "Booger" Palmer. Which is how the Boogerman Trail got its name. This old mountaineer kept refusing offers for his timber rights because he liked looking at the trees more than he did spending money.

This is the footbridge at the very beginning of the trail.


Eyebee said...

Great photographs. I must get out in the countryside again myself and take some more pictures.

HemlockMan said...


My hobby is hiking. I get out as often as I can. The photographs are something to do along the way.