Saturday, January 12, 2008

Waterfalls, Post #1

In many of my hikes, I get to see some very nice waterfalls. Generally, I'm not the kind of person who goes on a hike specifically to search out waterfalls. But I do very much enjoy it when I encounter them along the way. Here are some of the falls I've seen in my hikes. All of these were encountered in 2004, between early May and late August.

Falls on North Fork of the Holly River, Holly River State Park, West Virginia.

Falls, Hanging Rock State Park, North Carolina.

Unnamed falls, Holly River State Park, West Virginia.

Shupe's Chute, Holly River State Park, West Virginia.

Unnamed falls, Table Rock Mountain State Park, South Carolina.

Triple Falls, DuPont State Forest, North Carolina.

Mill Creek Falls, Kumbrabow State Forest, West Virginia.

Wildcat Falls, South Carolina.

Stone Mountain Falls, Stone Mountain State Park, North Carolina.

Schoolhouse Falls, Panthertown Valley, North Carolina.

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