Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Bird's Nest.

Recall the bird's nest with babies in it from just before we left for Florida? The ones for whom I had to create a new, safe nesting area? As you recall, we took off for the Sunshine State not really knowing if my efforts would succeed.

Well, as soon as we arrived at the parking spot for our little trailer, I got out of the truck to examine the nest. The birds had fledged, the parents were gone. The nest was still sitting unmolested in my makeshift shelter. Carole wants to save it and use it in some kind of decoration. (Not sure what.) So it will be preserved in some manner.

Mission accomplished.

I removed the roof I had rigged...

Woo HOO! The family was gone. (The metal part you can see inside is the valve handle for the tank.)

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