Saturday, September 20, 2014

Morganton Point Campground

I like to post some details about the campgrounds where we stay and I've been remiss in mentioning the one we used on our north Georgia trip. We booked five days at Morganton Point Campground. It's located on the shores of Lake Blue Ridge just outside the town of Blue Ridge, Georgia. Some of the campsites are actually on the lake, but we chose a site upslope in the forest.

It's a really quiet campground. We didn't see any wildlife to speak of (except for some little critters), but the forest is nice. They have a range of campsites to choose from. Some that are designed for tent camping, and others for serious RV camping. We got a campsite with water and electric hookups. They even have one site that has that, plus sewer hookup. If we'd known that the campground doesn't provide a dump station we'd have booked that site (which goes for $30 a night). However, we did not know until we arrived that Morganton Point doesn't have a dump station. This is a major problem if you go and don't know this fact. (We had to drive down to another National Forest campground and use their dump station when we left.)

The online information states that the campground has showers, but this is not true. What it does have is a separate beach bathhouse that provides OUTDOOR cold-water showers for bathers wishing to wash off after leaving the lake. So, again, don't come to the campground expecting to be able to take hot showers. Unless your travel trailer has an onboard shower (ours does), then you're not going to be able to take a shower.

Also (and I hate to sound negative), but the bathroom has only one toilet. One. If the campground is crowded you can imagine the lines at the stall door. We try to minimize the use of our bathroom at campgrounds unless we have sewer hookup. So having a less than adequate bathroom facility can prove problematic. (And, yes, there is more than one bathroom facility there.)

That said, we really did enjoy this campground. There were two campground hosts and they were very friendly and helpful. And despite the lack of some facilities, we would go back there for a stay. I do recommend the campground.

One other thing I think I do need to mention. Access to the campground is through a kind of abandoned business district in the unincorporated place called Morganton. Pretty much all of the businesses failed and the buildings are vacant. Navigating through these tightly packed buildings to the main road can be downright dangerous. So be careful when entering or exiting the access road.

This was our campsite. Plenty of room. Also, lots of room between sites, which we find important to us. Plenty of healthy vegetation blocking one site from another.

Carole decorated our door with a festive Autumn wreath.

These little guys were everywhere. They must have just hatched out and emerged from the forest. We had to be careful not to squish them underfoot. They were VERY tiny. I got down on the gravel with my camera and took this portrait. (This guy could have fit on my thumbnail with room to spare.)

Carole is the best campground cook of all time. The first night out our meal was chicken fajitas.

Carole even toasted the soft shells over the fire!

This was also Carole's idea. She saw this light at a hardware store and realized that she could hang it under our canopy. So now, as long as we have electric hookups, we don't need to set up our Coleman lantern.

Breakfast bright and early in the a.m.! (Don't let Carole know I'm posting this photo. She was tired and still sleepy.) Carole bought that little pot of marigolds for the table.

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