Sunday, September 07, 2014

Casita Clean!

Carole and I cleaned the Casita today to get it ready for our next trip. Alas, the repairs that it needs have still not been done. The place where we have gotten all of our servicing done for nine years could not see their way clear to do the work for us, so we picked up the trailer and brought it home. We've been doing business with them since 2005 and they kept putting us off all summer, refusing to let us bring our trailer in. When they finally agreed to take it, they shunted our trailer aside in favor of--I suppose--more profitable work. Our bill was only going to be $1500 or so. I guess that's not much money to them. (In addition, both my father-in-law and a brother-in-law bought travel trailers from this'd think customer loyalty would mean something to them.)

So we'll find a new RV service center when we return from the next trip. We also have a trip planned for October. We'd like to have a new awning by then, plus the repair work we needed. We can still make use of the trailer without a new awing, and as long as we have full hookups the repairs aren't needed. And the campground where we're going this week has full hookups.

We're looking forward to this trip. We'll actually be in the north Georgia mountains where I spent my high school years and where I learned how to backpack. We're planning a kayak trip on a mountain river, a day trip on a train, and I want to hike a few mountains that I haven't climbed since I was a teenager.

A nice sunny, hot day for hard work! (Don't make fun of my faux-Japanese sandals! Hai!) The Casita was SUPER dirty! I had to scrub it for hours to get the layers of wax and dirt off from top to bottom.

All clean!

If you think this looks like home're right. Going along on the trip with us.

We keep the dinette down as a bed all of the time. I can't recall the last time we've actually had the dining table set up.

This is where we eat and relax. I've read many a book in that chair.

We're all but ready to go. (We leave on Tuesday night.) Carole is taking the frier with us. We generally do all of our cooking outside and Carole likes to use the frier a lot. We actually bought it on our very first trip with the Casita--just outside of Blackrock Mountain State Park in Georgia.

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