Monday, September 01, 2014


I haven't gone on a serious backpacking trip in some time. Just overnight journeys. So I'd like to tackle a serious trip in 2015. I've been trying to narrow it down to something relatively safe and not too dangerous, since I'll be doing the trip solo.

The trip that keeps popping to the forefront is the John Muir Trail in California. I reckon I'll be sharing the trail with a fair number of other backpackers, but that's okay. I can't expect complete solitude on a trail like that in an area as scenic as the high Sierras.

I'm actually in a lot better shape than I have been in quite some time, so I'm not as worried about altitude sickness as in the past. In 2012 I really suffered from that when I was in Colorado and it took me about eight days to acclimate to high altitude. Since I've lost a lot of weight and have much better lung capacity these days, it's not quite the concern it was in the past couple of years. But I'll have to arrange for some days to acclimate before I begin the long trek (over 221 miles).

There are some other long distance trails that appeal to me, but many of them are here in the East and I've frankly just about tapped out my enthusiasm for eastern destinations. Or I could do a healthy section hike of the Pacific Crest Trail or the Continental Divide Trail...but the JMT is the one that keeps appearing in my thoughts and desires.

We'll see. Until then, I'll plan for that one.

Montana. (Absaroka Mountains.)

Colorado. (San Juan Mountains.)
California. (Cottonwood Mountains.)

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Mark said...

Excellent choice James!