Friday, July 04, 2014

Golden Age Kirby

I landed another hard-to-find Golden Age Joe Simon/Jack Kirby comic for my collection. This one is WIN A PRIZE COMICS #1. Simon and Kirby were trying anything and everything in the years they were working to be largely independent creators. Buy the comic and send in your name and address for a chance to win a prize! I think this title was part of the material that Charlton Comics bought from Simon and Kirby when their own publishing scheme faded.

The title failed, but it's an interesting package. Contained are stories of war, science-fiction, mystery, humor, drama, classics. Included are the type of yarn that Kirby later did for Marvel that were claimed to have been written by his editor there. I'd laugh, but it's all too said.

I had initially purchased this comic with an eye toward re-selling it for a profit (I got a really good deal on it). However, it's such a neat book that I think I'll keep it as a permanent part of my Kirby collection.

The cover to my copy of WIN A PRIZE #1.

Simon and Kirby! I suspect Kirby inked this. Not sure.

What a wacky yarn! With typically wacky Kirby characters!

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