Saturday, July 26, 2014


In the local parlance of comic collecting, the term "beater" refers to a comic book that is in extremely low grade that you are willing to add to your collection for various reasons. Usually, the reason is that you're having a hard time locating the issue in any condition at all, and you're going to let this one serve as a place-holder until you can locate a copy in acceptable and higher grade.

One of my oldest Charlotte friends (Tom Smith--no relation) is actually a customer on my mail route. We have the same tastes in old comics with a couple of shared passions: Silver Age Jack Kirby comics and Golden Age Carl Barks comics. He had recently upgraded his copy of Four Color #189 and, since I don't have a copy, he sold me his old, low-grade copy for what he paid for it in 2000! I was more than happy to get the book for about the price of lunch!

So, now I have a "beater" copy of the book in my collection. I'd been trying to buy one for some time. And I doubt I'll ever bother to upgrade it. This one is fine for me.

My low-grade copy of Four Color #189, starring Donald Duck and the nephews!

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