Thursday, July 24, 2014

Comics and Cats!

I'm way too tired and too busy to post much! No essays and no fiction excerpts! Sorry! Maybe in the next few days.

In the meantime, I picked up a nifty book for my collection. And here's a shot of our cat, Lilly, taking advantage of the nice warm bed after Carole got up to get ready for work. Lilly's no dummy!

As usual lately, I got a great deal on this book. I've been told that this issue contains the first professional comics work by John Romita, Sr.! I'm not sure, so I'll have to research it.

Lilly using the TV remote for a pillow! She's not particular!


Lawrence Roy Aiken said...

As a force of True Evil I'd have both clammy hands on her...never mind. I'm just saying that looked like a fairly reticent nightmare creature there, holding one hand back, just kinda reaching out there with the other. What the hell. Love that pre-Code horror!

Lilly is a purdy kitty. Cats, like books, do furnish a room.

James Robert Smith said...

He was testing the waters.

Lilly is indeed a gorgeous cat. Smartest cat we've ever had, too.