Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Falls

I'm so tired and in so much physical pain that I can't even photoblog.

I'll write some more tomorrow about the latest trip to the Smokies. If I can scrape up the energy.

Here's a waterfall that I had somehow missed over the decades. The Smokies are not geologically good for waterfalls. There really are not very many in the Park. And this was one that's at the end of a one-half mile hike. Cataract Falls. I didn't even know about it until I started hiking down the trail!

Cataract Falls. Near the Sugarlands Visitor Center.


Vicki said...

Forget about blogging and listen to your body. It'll still be here when you're feeling more human.

James Robert Smith said...

Thanks. Indeed I have been listening. Falling asleep well before dark and if not for my wife waking me at 6 am to head to work there's no telling how long I'd sleep.

I have a truly horrible job. I haven't even been able to write for weeks because of fatigue.

Oh, well. At least I'm employed. I know folk who are not.