Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cairo is Fat

We've had Cairo for several years, now. She's a fun cat, I have to say.

Andy with Cairo just after we found her and decided to bring her home. She was abandoned in Cairo, West Virginia, thus the name for her. I have never seen a kitten take so instantly to a human family. There was no transition period, at all. She acted as if she had been among us since birth. No fear. No trepidation. Just acceptance.

And Cairo these days. She still has that brilliantly pink nose that hasn't faded since kittenhood.
Cairo WV was once a prosperous town, drunk on oil money. These days it's barely there. This converted bank building is one of the coolest structures left.


Vicki said...

That's one lucky cat.

James Robert Smith said...

She is. Even if someone else had adopted her, I don't think she'd have gotten a better home.

Kirk G said...

Warn me next time you come to Cairo. We'll have lunch!

James Robert Smith said...

You live in Cairo?! Or near there?