Saturday, February 22, 2014

Drag the Bankers from Their Warm Beds and Slit Their Throats.

A Story:
I found out a few more details about the woman whose house was foreclosed--the only home she'd ever lived in her entire life. Apparently some enterprising smear of shit at the bank surfs the tax rolls trying to find properties with delinquent tax bills. If the property has potential promise for a good profit, he pays the tax bill, the bank gains title, and they kick out the former home owner. So that's what the guy did. I assume he earns brownie points for such evil as he sucks his way up the corporate ladder.

The thing about this one is that I've never seen a house begin its facelift so soon after a homeowner has been evicted. It has only been a couple of weeks since they kicked her out, and already they've started in on giving the house a facelift.

Another thing that I'd noticed is that one street away the City has bought out every single house on the stream-side of the avenue. The reason they give is that the houses were built on a flood plain and never should have been placed there. Sixty years ago. I asked a woman who had lived on the safe side of the street if she'd ever seen any of them flood, and she said that one time in forty years she had seen one of those houses get some flood damage. Forty years.

The City has bought almost all of those houses (I haven't counted them, but I think about forty of them). As soon as the owners are out, they knock them down and leave empty lots. What's it going to be? A park? Are they going to "fix" the non-existent drainage problem and then sell the empty lots to a certain bank at cost? Who knows?

At any rate, real estate values are climbing fast in that neighborhood.

All of the things left in her house are now in this garbage unit.

Gazebo the family once used. Religious figure of course. No church helped her pay her back taxes. Churches don't pay taxes! Not even those of members in danger of losing their homes.
The old man used to send the Stars and Stripes up this flagpole every morning when he was alive. The citizens are left to wander aimlessly, while the banks are protected tooth and nail.


Vicki said...

That makes me feel sick. How do people sleep straight in their beds?

James Robert Smith said...

It is, indeed, horrible. Just the way things are done.

Mark Gelbart said...

The banker is just doing his job.

I believe in paying taxes, and I like bankers.

It's not the banker's fault, if someone fails to pay their taxes.

Suggesting bankers should be killed for simply doing their job is way over the top.

James Robert Smith said...

I guess bubonic plague is just doing its job, too.

Mark Gelbart said...

I'm sure the people who lived in that house were also way behind in their mortgage payments. You aren't getting the whole story.

Let me put it this way.

How would you like it, if someone borrowed $50,000 from you and stopped paying you back?

If you took collateral in place of cash, do you think it would be justifiable for someone to drag you from your warm bed and slit your throat.

Your criticism of the banker is unfairly harsh. Comparing him to bubonic plague is absurd.

James Robert Smith said...

You didn't read the first post. She had lived in that house her entire life. Her parents left it to her. There was no mortgage on it. She was disabled. The stinking rat-bastard bankers trolled for valuable property with tax debt and bought it for nothing. They will sell it and turn a nice profit. She is now living in a group home with strangers. Everyone from the bank involved with stealing her house from her are disgusting monsters deserving of death.

Mark Gelbart said...

Still, your anger is totally misplaced.

It's the local government who put her tax lien up for auction.

It's not the banker's fault. They are playing within the rules.

This lady could have played within the rules to keep her property but didn't know how. If she did completely own her house (which I doubt...that's the story she told you), she could have used the value of her house to offset the property tax. She could have gotten a loan from the bank to pay the property tax, using her house as collateral.

I take it she had no legal advice at all.

The person working for the bank who bought the house at auction could be some sweet old lady, somebody's mother or father.

You are making terroristic threats against that person. In my book that is worse than some incompetent deadbeat losing their home because they couldn't figure out how to pay taxes on it.

James Robert Smith said...

Holy crap. You couldn't be any more wrong. Nor your position be any more vile.

Mark Gelbart said...

I'm vile?

You are the one who is saying a banker should be pulled out of their warm bed and have their throat slit. Note the title of your post.

I think 100% of people would agree with me--murder is far more vile than someone having to move because they were living above their means.

BTW, most jurisdictions have a Homestead Exemption so Disabled people don't have to pay property taxes. Chances are she never had to pay property taxes and didn't know it. She lost the house because of her own blunder.

James Robert Smith said...

From the asswipe who justified the cold-blood racist murder of Trayvon Martin. Go fuck yourself you piece of shit right wing sack of puke.