Friday, May 13, 2011

TUROK #596

My latest acquisition for my comic book collection is this issue of Four Color #596, which is the very first TUROK comic. I covered the book in a little detail previously. In my day, I had most of the issues at one time or another, but I'd like to assemble a full set. Getting this one out of the way was a lucky break for me, so I no longer have to worry about getting a copy of the most expensive issue.

Four Color #596, the first issue of TUROK, SON OF STONE. Indians and dinosaurs! What could be cooler?!

On the writing front, DEAD BAIT 2 is now available in Kindle as well as trade paperback. My story in this book, "The Krang", is one of my best short stories. Set in my mythical nation of Mangrove, it got me interested in doing more stories and novels in that fantastic world.


dogboy443 said...

There's always the Dark Horse collection:

If I see a clearance sale, I'll let you know.

HemlockMan said...

I prefer the real thing. The smell of pulp in my hands rather than the sharp scent of new ink and kaolin coated high gloss paper.