Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Politics and Creative Folk

Sometimes I make a point of trying to avoid the political, religious, and philosophical beliefs of some of my favorite writers and artists. Often I find that creators whose work I had long admired are--politically and philosophically speaking--assholes.

Thus it is with one of my favorite comic book artists Chester Brown. For many years I have admired his work as an independent writer/artist. I supported his comic YUMMY FUR during the months when the book was being attacked and boycotted by an overbearing comic book distributor who is now (happily for me) bankrupt.

Sample art from what is my favorite Chester Brown comic series, Louis Riel, a biography of the Metis revolutionary Louis Riel. (A man who has far more in common with Che Guevara than with any Libertarian scum.)

His work is not only impossible to categorize, but it is almost impossible to describe. It's part fantasy, part autobiography, part biography. It is always thought-provoking and overwhelmingly unique and interesting.

Regular readers of my blog know that I absolutely hate Libertarians. I've never met one that I like and I find their political goals to be completely harmful to society and to almost every individual. I have absolutely no respect on either an intellectual basis or a moral basis for anyone who proclaims to be a Libertarian. (I must make it clear that "Libertarian" does not mean the ACLU which, as a civil liberties proponent protects us all from the shite who compose the various Libertarian parties working to destroy society for corporate power.)

And so it was with shock and disgust that I read that not only is Chester Brown a Libertarian, but that he stands in as a candidate for elective office as a member of the Libertarian Party of Canada. Fortunately he has never finished higher than next-to-last place in any race, and I hope this track record continues.

Will this knowledge that he's part of a wholly evil and destructive political party influence my appreciation of his work? I hope not, but there will always be the subconscious knowledge that he holds as dear thoughts and ideas that I find to be completely and utterly noxious. However, I think that I can still seek out and enjoy his books. As with his like-minded fellow travelers of the extreme right--folk such as Peter Bagge and Steve Ditko--I'll still read and view and enjoy his creations, despite the fact that I find his views to be execrate.

On becoming a whore-hopper.

His latest autobiographic work on deciding to frequent prostitutes.

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