Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cascades: Photo Essay

Photo essay of our visit to the Cascades Recreation Area near Pembroke, Virginia:

Carole, in the parking lot at around 9:00. When we got there, maybe ten vehicles were in the extensive parking lot. I should have taken an "after" photo when we returned at around two in the afternoon. The parking lot was packed and cars were lining the road in an effort to find a parking spot.

The Forest Service had set up these cool directional signs.


Some type of wild geranium?

Stony Creek, author of The Cascades.

This thing must be important, historically. Some kind of boiler, I reckon. It had a shed built over it, but there was no sign indicating what it was.

There are trails on both sides of the creek leading to the falls. This is the one on the right side. Highly engineered and pleasant to hike.

When the slope requires it, staircases are provided.

And nice bridges, too.

Stony Creek.

Carole pauses on a bridge at around the halfway point.

The views under the forest canopy are fantastic.

Self-portrait at the object of our walk--The Cascades. Easily one of the best overall waterfalls in the Southeastern USA.

Down in the gorge below the falls.

This was a really great swimming hole. Very deep!

Small stream entering Stony Creek from one side.

First place I've been where every single hemlock I saw was completely dead. In most places you can find a living one here and there, or small ones that are holding out against the infestation. But the adelgid has been here for so long that every single hemlock tree has been dead for years and years.

We took the other trail back down to the truck. This is a rocky overhang along the way.

The cove hardwood forest. This spot is just before we reached the packed parking lot.

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Jack said...

One of my all time favorites. Also one of my first hikes long before I really got into hiking!