Sunday, July 11, 2010

Roaming the High Country

Today here are just some various photographs I took yesterday between Bat Cave and the town of Black Mountain.

Click to enlarge this one. It's a stitched panorama of the cliffs of Chimney Rock which loom above the town of Lake Lure. This is where the final scenes from the film LAST OF THE MOHICANS was filmed. If you look on the far right, you can see the falls.

The entrance to Chimney Rock Park. For some reason that I've yet to understand, motorcyclists love this part of the state. They come here in droves. In fact, it often seems that the town of Lake Lure exists purely to cater to these folk on their noisy, farting, obnoxious machines.

This was at a spot on Shumont Mountain Road. This is a great piece of property. The people who own this land have their own sliding rock!

This amazing moth was on the cabin attracted, of course, to the light on the deck.

Because their house sits on a steep slope near the top of the ridge, it's difficult to get a comprehensive shot of the whole structure. This was from the deck that faces the gorge and Highway 9 far, far below. Bruce is an amazingly skilled craftsman and pretty much built this place by hand. He had a builder put up the shell and windows, but did everything else himself.

In the kitchen.

At Tomahawk Lake in Black Mountain. Tomorrow, details of the rest of the day spent power-hiking the mountains...


Jack said...

Great Panorama of Chimney Rock!

HemlockMan said...

Thanks, Jack! I'm slowly learning the camera by carrying the instruction book around with me and taking shots as we go.