Thursday, July 15, 2010

Experimenting with the New Camera

I did manage to take a few macro shots while I was hiking. They're not very good, but it gave me an opportunity to try to learn how to use the new camera. Eventually I'll buy a macro lens, but for now I'll just use the one I have.

Some type of flower on a vine (and tiny red bugs) at Craggy Gardens.

I'm not sure, but I assume this is a type of lily. (Taken on the Big Butt Trail.) These are, I'm told, Tiger lilies--non-native.

I've been told what this flower is, but I've forgotten its name. (I also took this at Craggy Gardens.)

I think this is Queen Anne's lace with a honey bee. (Taken on Mount Mitchell.)

This butterfly was on the river above Lake Lure and at the base of Chimney Rock. (I have no idea what the flower is.)

Monarch butterflies at Tomahawk Lake in Black Mountain. (And Ed Frank informs me that these are Tiger swallowtails and not Monarchs.)

I wasn't as close to this colorful little duck as it appears. I made him nervous and he kept scooting away from me. Taken on Tomahawk Lake in Black Mountain.


Edward Forrest Frank said...


You foun tigers on your hike. The lily is a Tiger Lily (Lilium lancifolium) native to Asia that has widely naturalized. The yellow and black butterflies are Tiger Swallowtails rather than monarchs.


HemlockMan said...

Thanks, Ed!

Yeah, those Tiger lilies have definitely fit right in. They were all over the trail going over Point Misery, which sits at 5,716 feet! So they don't mind the cold!