Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Cats

I took some photos of the cats yesterday. I think the portraits are a bit nicer with the new camera than with the older models we've owned.
This is Sophie. She's a bit strange and has always had some emotional problems. We don't know why--she was like that when we got her at the age of four months. She was born into a household that had a number of kids. My suspicion is that children were constantly harassing her and this made her rather skittish and paranoid. Visitors never see Sophie, for she hides completely when any stranger enters the house. For whatever reason, she is attached to me.

This is Lilly. Queen of the household, for sure. Like all Siamese cats, she is extremely intelligent. For instance, she can get that halter she's wearing off of herself in about two seconds. She puts tension on the leash, turns around, ducks her head, and backing up peels it right off. She's brilliant.

Lilly loves to go outside, but she's so inquisitive that she tends to run off if we don't leash her and watch her. Thus, the somewhat impatient demeanor about her when I took this shot.

Our newest cat, Cairo. She'll be one year old in October. She's still a kitten, really. We just had her "fixed" and we took the sutures out today. She's very sweet. As with Lilly, we have to keep her tethered when she's outside, or else she heads for the timber.

Cairo stalking bugs and such.

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