Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Over the past few days I've begun working with my editor at Tor Books. This has been a bit different, so far, to my experience with Five Star. I filled out a relatively detailed questionnaire for the folk in the promotions department. Now I have to send a photo. I'm pretty sure I know which one I'm going to send's one that Carole took of me when we were in Key West.

Got the desktop up and working so that I can do the scans for the post I've wanted to do for two days.

More tomorrow...

This has nothing to do with the subjects on my mind. But I just stumbled across this photo I took when Carole and I were on a hike in Beartown State Park in West Virginia. It was the first bear we've ever encountered while hiking.


dogboy443 said...

Is it the picture of you in front of Hemingway's house?

HemlockMan said...

That is a good one. But the one I liked was one she took of me in a restaurant in downtown Key West...probably one of Jimmy Buffet's places (as I recall).