Wednesday, November 18, 2009


If there's a mammal that I find more intimidating than a leopard seal, I have yet to see it. No, they're not as large as killer whales. And they can't chase you down on land like a brown bear or a Siberian tiger. But Jove, those predators are just frightening to look upon.

But even these animals--top predators--can show compassion.

Non-human Animals think and feel.

If you're worried about the impact that over six billion consuming 200-lb. primates are having on the planet, you have a right to be. If you want to witness our dwindling array of ecosystems, you'd best hurry. Soon, many of them will be gone. And not within hundreds of years or even in decades, but within years or months. Certainly many unique ecological niches will be swallowed into oblivion and extinction within our brief lifetimes. If you want to see some of them, then I'd suggest that you get on with it.

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