Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Day We Found Cairo

These are photos that I took the day we found Cairo.

The morning that we found Cairo we got up to discover this early morning rainbow hanging over the park. Soon after it began to rain buckets.

Deciding to go for a drive, we stopped in the tiny village of Cairo. There's only a very small downtown area with a few stores and this building, which was once a bank for dealing with the large amounts of cash from the now-depleted oil fields that once lay beneath this area.

This is the visitors center in a County Park. This has to be one of the nicest county parks I've ever seen. It's huge and straddles the thousands of acres that was once the city of Volcano and the oil fields there. Now it's forests and canyons and streams. It was in this building where we met the woman who had found the abandoned kittens outside in the rain.

The geese were warning me not to go in. "Quack! Honk! Don't go in! Kittens inside! Warning!" I didn't listen.

Argh! Suckered by the cutie pie!

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