Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cairo Comes to Town

We're back.

We found an abandoned kitten.

We adopted it.

She bumped into us in Cairo, West Virginia. Thus, we've named her Cairo.

She is lovely and sweet.

Andy: "Dad. Look what I found! An abandoned kitten. The lady here at the store says someone dumped her out and she found her this morning soaking wet in a pouring rain. Isn't she cute?"

Carole: "Oh, gosh! She's adorable! How sweeeeeeet!"

The Old Man: "Oh, HELL NO! No more cats! I don't care if she's only four weeks old! No way!"

Four-week-old abandoned kitten: "Gosh, Mr. Smith. You're gonna put me back out in those cold, wet woods??!!"

Old Man Smith: "Goddamn it!"

Cairo (now named kitten): "Gee whiz! This sure is a nice truck! Matthews, you say? How long does it take to get to this North Carolina? We're gonna have fun! I'm hungry!"

And so it goes...


dogboy443 said...

There's one born every minute Mister Man.

HemlockMan said...

Indeed. Three of us, in this case.

Kimberli said...

LOL! That's hilarious. Sweet and generous of you, but hilarious. I hope for your sake she's a good kitty :)

Tracy said...

how could you NOT? she is adorable!

HemlockMan said...

Oh, yes. One look from those huge eyes in that tiny sweet face and I was stuck. We'd already bonded and there was no going back.

Carole has already taken her to the vet. She's got a clean bill of health and her first round of shots. The vet says that she's maybe a few days over four weeks old. She's very bold and already likes to climb stuff. We are prepared for a kitty assault on this year's Christmas tree.