Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cityscapes and Perspective

My friend Wayne Sallee is always taking kickass photographs of his hometown of Chicago. He uses little disposable film cameras and captures the most amazing damned images you can imagine. How does he do it?

Anyway, every time I look at his photos of Chicago I want to go out and take photos of the Charlotte urban environment. However, I have seen Chicago. I have walked in Chicago. I have driven through Chicago. And Charlotte, you're no Chicago.

Still, I need to get out and get some images of my adopted city. So, while I was standing on the roof of the parking deck at the hotel where the comic convention was being held, I snapped several shots which I stitched into this image.

Oh, well. It's a start. (Click to embiggen.)

John Ostrander

Years ago when I still had my comic shops, one of my favorite comics writers was a fellow named John Ostrander. His scripts were what I can only describe as "quirky and funny". Even the darkest stuff in his adventure series always gave you an out in the way of a chuckle or a nervous laugh at the most stressful junctures of the story.

In those days Mr. Ostrander was best known for creating and writing a book called GRIMJACK. It was a foundation stone property for the then-thriving publisher First Comics. I recall how popular that book was with my customers. It was one of the books that would cause a crowd of fans to gather in the shop so that they could all discuss the latest issue. I also recall a lot of laughing that would come from these groups of comics fans when they were perusing the latest issue of GRIMJACK.

Well, Mr. Ostrander has been suffering from glaucoma for a number of years. I used to frequent his message board, but I'll be damned if I can ever recall that he complained about this fact or even mentioned it. He'd talk about his latest projects (STAR WARS titles at Dark Horse) and talk freely to his fans there. But nothing about his failing eyesight.

Well, if you're a fan of John Ostrander's work, or just want to help him out (his eyesight is now fading fast), some of his friends have set up a website for contributions of money or for donations of items that can be auctioned. Because, this nation being what it is, John Ostrander is not adequately insured. The life of a freelance writer in the USA. We're the last major industrialized nation that does not provide all of its citizens with decent health care. It's a crime and a shame, but that's beside the point of John Ostrander's predicament.

So, please, if his work ever made you happy or you just want to help out, you can get the details at this website:

John Ostrander-A Call to Arms.


dogboy443 said...

Loved John's work on Grimjack. That book made him and Tim truman, later revived with Flint Henry. I'm heading over now to donate.

HemlockMan said...

This stuff seems to happen to the nicest folk.