Thursday, July 23, 2009

Budd Root's Crib

I've known several comic book artists in my day. Most of them are very decent people. Some of them are exceedingly cool. But the nicest of the bunch has been Budd Root, creator of Cavewoman.

Today (07-22-2009)I was able to go to visit Budd and hang out with him for about four or five hours after he'd returned from his favorite comic book shop with a load of new books. We sat and talked about the current state of comic books and movies as we always do, and even delved a bit into politics. Budd and I have similar political attitudes, so that part of the conversation was pretty boring.

Bob: "Yeah, ****** **** sucks ass."

Budd: "Yes, I agree. ****** **** does suck ass."

As usual, Budd showed me tons of new comics to keep me appraised of the goings-on in today's comic book industry. I got to read THE INCREDIBLE HULK #600. Just like ****** **** it sucked ass. Not sure what Budd thought of it.

One of the best things about visiting Budd is getting to see new pages of CAVEWOMAN in the midst of being illustrated. Since the book features loads of well-endowed cuties, that's always a pleasure.

But another nice thing about the garage studio is that it's packed with ultra-cool stuff. Things that a person fed on Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazines and stop-motion animated movies find irresistible. I could just sit around the collection and pick through it for hours on end. And there are all kinds of models and toys and fantastic knick-knacks lying about. It's a visual and tactile wonderland of toys.

As you can see, there's a pattern evolving...

Monster mags, toys, King Kong,

comely babes, and movie toys.

Budd: "Ugo and Dave are wankers."

Part of a page from the CAVEWOMAN issue on which Budd is currently working. (I got to see them, and you didn't. Nyah.)

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