Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Retirement Dinner

Last night I went to the retirement dinner for two of my co-workers. Brian Gless and Dave Debrosse are leaving the employment of the USPS forever on Februrary 28, 2009. So a bunch of their co-workers gathered last night at the local Hopps Restaurant to down a few beers and eat some food in their honor.

Both of these guys have been working for the USPS for decades. Both are former military. Brian served a few years in the Army and moved into the USPS after leaving the Service. Dave, on the other hand, retired not terribly long ago from Guard service where he achieved the rank of Colonel. But it's goodbye to the both of them. Here's wishing them a happy life in retirement.

Brian (on left) and Dave with their retirement cake.

Merely part of the crowd who gathered for the dinner.

The consuming of mass quanitities.

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