Friday, February 13, 2009

PTL Ephemera

More PTL CLUB/Heritage USA sights of total bizarro!

This is one of the windows in the castle section--the only remains of the old water park. It's my favorite PTL Club ruin.

HAHA! The towers are now the permanent abode of a flock of carrion-eating buzzards! Not what the thieves who built the place had in mind, I'd wager! HAW! This guy seems to have taken up residence in the very top floor. Expensive tastes!

Closeup shot of the buzzard. Take a look at that beak!! YOW!

This tower is really coming apart. All over it, the brick facade has been peeling off. Also, wires and conduit dangle throughout the parts of the interior that are visible from the grounds. The new owners claim to be able to renovate it. I wouldn't want to walk around in there. Likely, it should be torn down. Two decades of exposure to the elements can't have done that place anything but severe harm.

Some of these things are gone, but there are still a few left: They were "tram" stops. Where you could wait for the arrival of trams and buses to take your stupid ass around the so-called "Heritage USA". I'd laugh if the idea of people actually enjoying that place wasn't so pathetic.

Hm. Seems that the tram's not coming. Oh, well.

This was the entrance and box office of the old amphitheater where the "Passion Play" was held. It was actually, at one point, a pretty complicated structure. Set up to look like some kind of acid-addled impression of ancient architecture, it was packed with modern lighting and sound facilities. I guess they didn't need this place after Crazy Mel made his movie.

Part of the surviving wall of the amphitheater. The conduit containing the wiring for the lighting and sound systems has come loose. Vandals have covered sections of the walls and doors with grafitti.

This crappy little bench was just sitting at the edge of a deteriorating parking lot. One sees this kind of thing around the area. Just something that's corroding and wearing away and is now just a forgotten piece of shit.

More details tomorrow! The "Upper Room" and other weirdnesses!!!

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