Monday, February 02, 2009

Random Scenes on a Pluton

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Looking Glass Rock may not be that high in terms of elevation, but it is extremely impressive in the sheer rocks faces that grace some of its dimensions. This makes for spectacular scenery, and for great challenges to rock climbers, and also a source of danger to idiots and the careless.

A nice view of one of the sheer faces of Looking Glass Rock. This shot can be had from one of the Forest Service Roads that parallel the mountain.

The trail to the top can get quite steep and rugged.

I used the boulder in the foreground to get close to the cliff edge for this shot.

The forest at the cap of the mountain acts like a giant sponge. During especially wet times, that sponge gives up moisture in form of little rivulets that carve their ways through the granite and stain the surface with tannins. I actually got too close to the edge for this photograph and stepped in a slick spot and fell. If I'd not fallen on my back I could very well have gone over the side and added myself to a long list of idiots.

One of the best views of the mountain from the mountain. This area is near the emergency helipad.

Not far from the summit.

One of the ever-present buzzards looking for a meal. (You, perhaps?)

One of the tannin-stained rivulets slicing through the rock.

When I got down to the bottom of the mountain I hiked to a swimming hole where I disrobed and took a plunge in the cold mountain water.

I had this swimming hole all to myself for the duration of my bath.

One last look at the cliffs from another Forest Service Road before I left. If you click on this photo to enlarge it, you will see two things of note: 1: A group of climbers on the cliff face near the top, and 2: the unique "eyebrow" features that are special to Looking Glass Rock and some of the other nearby plutons in the immediate vicinity.

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