Sunday, December 07, 2008

So Long, Right Wing Assholes.

Sick to Death of the Right.

I’m done with trying to befriend the pig-brained of the world. For several years I’ve tried not only tolerating right wing idiots, but also actually taking a stab at celebrating them, searching for a way.


Every time I was left with a feeling of bitterness. What am I doing trying to befriend people who are generally racist, greedy, self-centered, stupid religionists? The women among them are always empty-headed fools who are bound only by a need to follow. The men are almost always unthinking reactionaries—and, strangely, barely closeted homosexuals obsessed with guns and gun violence. There’s nothing wrong with being a homosexual, but these guys are pathological due to the closeted nature of their sexuality. Their obsession with guns and “manliness” was beyond ridiculous.

I get sick of these creeps glorifying mass murder and the monsters who perpetrate such. I’ve had more than enough of low-paid killers and mercenaries being described as “heroes”.

There will be no more listening to them speaking of their delusions—also known as religion. After all of my attempts at quiet acceptance, I can take no more. They can have their mass insanity. I’ll avoid them and their religious madness from this point forward.

I’ll return to my solo hiking. I’ll pitch my camps far from these crazy bastards.

From now on, it’s just me and the mountains

Why can't RepubliKKKans shove those guns up their own asses and pull the trigger til it goes "click"?

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