Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Libert-Aryans are Good for Something!

I'll be damned. Libertarians are actually good for something! And here I'd thought that the lot of them were a waste of space and oxygen!

Apparently, these filthy bastards, when running for office, siphon off some of the RepubliKKKan votes that would normally go to that Party. We all know that Libert-Aryans and RepubliKKKans share a common thread of complete and utter greed in their veins. Racism and personal entitlement also go hand in hand with these filthy greedbags. So it's no surprise, I reckon, that when a Libert-Aryan can generate enough funds to run a semi-effective campaign, that candidate peels off votes that would normally have gone to the RepubliKKKan who would generally appeal to a certain (racist/greedy) segment of the voters.

Witness the Libert-Aryan candidate siphoning off votes in Ohio, Georgia, and Minnesota. These particular scumbags carved off enough votes to either give the Democratic Party candidates the election, or at least turned the race into runoffs and recounts. (And, yes, I realize that the Independence Party of Minnesota isn't the official Libertarian Party, but they're carbon copies and attract the same type of slime.)

So, thanks, Libert-Aryans! You crazy, filthy bastards aren't quite the waste of food and air that I had thought!

A bunch of Libert-Aryan scumbags ! That same old same old RepubliKKKan bullshit! LOL!

Please put this
war criminal on trial!

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