Wednesday, February 01, 2017

WORKING CLASS HERO: BOOK ONE, The Autobiography of a Hyper-Human.

My new novel is edging closer to publication. It's a take on the idea of super-heroes, one of my long-time loves of fantastic fiction.

Introduction will be by Budd Root, creator of the popular Cavewoman comic book series.

The world is home to people who "suffer" from what physicians came to term: AOHD--Adult Onset Hyper-Development Disorder. Some very rare few are hit with flu-like symptoms, out of which they always recover, but with super-human abilities. These range on a scale of One to Ten, called "Levels". To date, there is no known Level 10.

When one is struck with the disorder, it is law that you must report yourself to the authorities. Afterwards you are given a job, working ostensibly as a federal employee. Your only other choice is to go underground and become an outlaw. All outlaws are imprisoned when possible, killed when not.

This is the story of Billy B., his autobiography as a Hyper Human.

The cover of WORKING CLASS HERO: Book One. Coming from Severed Press.

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